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auto-mobile Bikes Will Contribute TO The Environment in The Coming Time!

It has been researched that Global warming has increased rapidly over the decade because of the increased use of automobiles. Developed countries such as America, Switzerland, Chile, Ireland & many more have immensely used automobiles & is still continuing as a result Climate change is arising.

Global warming has affected the earth & its creatures in every possible way. It has adversely changed the earth’s temperature, spoiling wild lives, water resources are getting evaporated, glaciers are breaking affecting their ecosystem & the worst part is, most affected living beings are Human Beings. As a result of Global warming, many Green-house Gases such as “methane” are worsening the situation. Extreme heat & poor air quality is leading to respiratory diseases such as ASTHMA, renal failure, and pre-term birth. As the temperature rises there will be more heart-related illnesses & deaths which is more threatening.

It has also been diagnosed that global warming will affect mostly the ground-level workers, such as Labours and farmers. It is pretty evident that both these are literally pillars of the economy of India. Their deaths will ultimately shake up our foundation badly. In other words, Developed countries are majorly responsible for Climate change as they run the majority of automobiles across the Globe, But Developing Countries such as India will suffer if our countrymen’s death rate increases. A study says that in the future the amount of carbon dioxide in the air will increase at such a rate, that our sweat will not dry easily because of that.

So, it’s high time we take strict actions to stop further damage that can happen, also take necessary measures in this regard. Such as:-

  1. EAT VEGETABLES-we can eat more vegetables & less non-veg food. Research has found out that greenhouse gases like methane are mostly emitted from meat. 
  2. PROTECT & RESTORE BIO-DIVERSITY-Another way is to protect & restore the biodiversity ecosystem. Oceans & forest are two main contributors that help in absorbing 20% of carbon emissions by all Human activities. But we have cut that path by overfishing and deforestation.
  3. CONSERVE ENERGY-Don’t waste energy, the higher usage of energy will result in high emission of carbon dioxide will contribute to increasing global warming. Opt for eco-friendly options like solar energy and win power.

Nowadays, a new concept has come up to reduce the use of fuels like diesel & petrol and appreciate battery-operated two-wheelers. It gives many benefits to the riders. It will be your contribution to the environment as, it is eco-friendly, economical as reduces the fuel’s cost, convenient as you can charge the vehicle at home and not have to go to the petrol-pump again & again. Vehicles also offer Navigation so makes your trips easier.

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