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education GST Return: Return can be filled through SMS if there is zero liability
  • Lump sum tax scheme adopters can also return returns through SMS.
  • Total 17.11 lakh taxpayers are registered under a free scheme.
  • 3.5 lakh taxpayers file zero returns.

New Delhi: GST Network (GSTN) said on Monday that it has introduced a system of filing quarterly returns through SMS for taxpayers adopting a lump-sum tax scheme (composition scheme). A total of 17.11 lakh taxpayers are registered under the Ekatam Yojana. Of this, about 20 percent or 3.5 lakh taxpayers are those who file zero returns.

The Goods and Services Tax Network (GSTN) said in a statement that under this, taxpayers adopting a lump sum scheme can fill the void details in the GST CMP-08 form through SMSM without 'login' to the GST portal. CMP-08 is the quarterly statement of self-assessment tax that taxpayers who adopt a lump-sum scheme fill. According to the statement, taxpayers are advised to send SMS in the prescribed format to take advantage of this arrangement.

The lump sum or composition scheme under GST is a simple arrangement for taxpayers with a turnover of up to Rs 1.5 crore. Under this, small taxpayers are given relief and they can pay the goods and services tax at a fixed rate on their business without falling into the complex formalities of GST. In this, GST for manufacturers and traders has to be given at the rate of one percent, and restaurants (non-liquor providers) have to pay GST at 5 percent.

GSTN, which provides an information technology framework for the GST system, already provides taxpayers with information on zero GSTR-3B (Monthly return by the normal taxpayer) and zero GSTR-1 (tax liability without supplies by normal taxpayers Monthly or quarterly returns). Now, by bringing taxpayers adopting a lump sum scheme under this facility, more than 35 lakh taxpayers can fill zero returns offline through SMS.

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