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food Follow 2 easy ways to store 'green chutney' for 6 months

If you store green chutney at home with this method, it will not be spoiled for several days.

If green chutney is also served on the food plate, the taste of the food increases four times. Not only this, due to the addition of green chutney, tasteless food also looks tasty. But green chutney looks good as long as it is fresh. Only after getting old one day, a strange bitterness is felt in the taste of the sauce.

Now making fresh chutney every day is also not an easy task. In such a situation, if the right method is adopted, you can store green chutney for 6 months and enjoy it with food every day. The best thing is that if you store the chutney properly, it will remain fresh.

You must be wondering what is the way that can keep green chutney fresh for 6 months. So let us tell you 2 easy ways, by which you can store green chutney and keep its taste as well.


Make ice cubes

The best way to store green chutney is to freeze it. For this by preparing green chutney, you fill it in a tray containing ice and store it. Keep in mind that you do not have to add water to the sauce while doing so.

When the chutney freezes in an ice tray, you can use it whenever you want. You can use frozen chutney in this way for 6 months. Yes, if you store green chutney in this way, there can be a change in its color, but its taste will remain the same.


Add oil to the sauce

To increase the taste of green chutney, you should add a little vegetable oil (which oil is better). The best would be to add a small teaspoon of olive oil to a bowl of chutney. This will increase the taste of the chutney and when you store the chutney, its color will also not change. If you do not want to set the chutney in a tray of ice, then you can keep it in a refrigerator by closing it in a glass vial.

Keep in mind that a story sauce like this can only be used for a long day when it is kept in a place in the fridge where it gets the coldest. Therefore, you should place the chutney backward on the top shelf, away from the door of the fridge. This will keep the chutney cold and not spoil it. In this way, you can use the chutney for 15-20 days.


Keep these things in mind

  • If you are not storing ice cubes of green chutney and storing the chutney in a glass vial, avoid using ginger and garlic in the chutney. Both of these ingredients create bitterness in the sauce.
  • If you are not storing the chutney in a tray with ice inside the freezer, you can also keep it inside small plastic compartments. With this, you can use one box at a time.
  • To melt the frozen chutney, you should take it out of the freezer 1 hour before using it.


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