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If you are fond of playing games, then you must be looking for PUBG Alternative because PUBG is banned in India, then we will need another game like this for entertainment or time pass.

Here we will tell you about 5 Pubg Alternative which runs exactly like PUBG and you will be able to enjoy all these games in the same way.


PUBG Alternative – battle royale games

PUBG is a battle royale game, this means that you play this game and survive till the last and then you win.

And here we are going to tell you five games like PUBG are also in the category of battle royale games and you will be able to enjoy PUBG games in all these games as well.

The multiplayer gameplay and graphics are very attractive in all these games and because of this, games of this way become very popular, you will know that PUBG game has also won the Google Play Award.

Below we are giving you the list of the five PUBG alternatives which are present on the Play Store, after reading about them, you will get the feeling of PUBG while playing it.


1. Call Of Duty Mobile



Call of Duty i.e. COD is a great game that will not only fulfill the lack of PUBG but it is a better game according to me.

The graphics of COD are very smooth, which is much better than PUBG, while if you run the graphics of PUBG on the flower, then it does not get the same reality as the call of duty.

Call of duty is an army best game and if you like the movement here, then the call of duty surpasses PUBG in terms of graphics.

If you talk about the concept, then the concept of PUBG Mobile here is slightly better than COD because even though the army uniform in PUBG in battle royale games does not have players but its performance is better than COD.

If we look at the gameplay, then there is not much flexibility in COD but even then when compared to PUBG, then the difference of 19-20 will be seen.

If you look at the control, then COD and PUBG have seen almost the same, you will get the same flexibility in both games.

COD i.e. call of duty is being improved more now than before ie if you play it before then you must have felt that it has started running more smoothly.

Talking about resources, both the games here take almost equal resources, whether it is graphic card or storage, almost both games cost the same resource.

If you talk about the size then the call of duty comes in the size of about 1.5gb, which you can easily play in your 3GB or above mobile phone with RAM.

Talking about the same PUBG mobile, it eats your storage around 2GB and if you play this game on a small mobile, you will get a lot of lag.

So overall call of duty is a very good battle royale games, which is constantly being improved and efforts are on to improve it better and in the coming time it will be more popular than PUBG, and this is why we have given this game Included in the list of Pubg Alternative, Download it from here.


2. Garena Free Fire



PUBG vs free fire The way you play Quick Match in PUBG, just like in Garena free fire, you also get the facility to play a quick match.

You can play free fire with 49 players, but here you only get 10 minutes, and then the one who survives the last one wins, you can also play by making Squad Team here.

the best gun in free fire - same as PUBG video in Garena free fire, you have to get down on the island and then collect guns and medicines by yourself.

Like PUBG, you get a map in the free-fire too, but here you get two maps, Bermuda and Purgatory, you also get to rob a pan and bat-like PUBG.

The best thing about PUBG vs free fire - free fire is that there are already 8x scopes in guns here, you don't have to rob these scopes like PUBG, and now the rest of Pubg Alternative See the game in the list below, Download it from here.


3. Hopeless Land: Fight For Survival



The name of this game suggests that if you want to serve in this game, then you have to fight like you were serving in a PUBG game.

In this game also you have to stay alive till the end, just like PUBG game and then you win it is a survival mobile shooting game and its graphics are much better.

Along with the graphic, the sound quality of this game is also very attractive when you start playing this game, it will feel like you are playing PUBG.

The concept of this game is also exactly like PUBG, all the players here land on an island and then serve it. Here too, you get all kinds of guns and medicines like PUBG which you have to collect yourself.

The biggest thing is that you can play this game even in a low device, its graphic looks quite good and you can enjoy it like PUBG of the game and we have listed this game for Pubg Alternative, Download it from here Do it.


4. Pixel’s Unknown Battle Ground



Pixel’s game is also great and it will run smoothly in your small mobile, if you have played Minecraft, then this game is exactly like this.

In this game, your character is made of blocks, so it looks a bit different, so in the event of a PUBG game being banned, you can entertain the game in this game.

Pixes's game Like PUBG you have to survive till the end, but here you are released in Iceland by helicopter instead of an airplane.

In this game, you get three moods Battle Royale, Team Battle, and Third Zombie You can play this game together with your friends or even alone.

Control of this game is very easy, in this, you are given 3 types of options for graphics, first Low then Medium and then High you can set the graphics according to your mobile according to your needs.

You also get two options for shooting in this game, first auto and second classic, you can set it according to your needs, and that's why we have placed this game in the category of Pubg Alternative, Download it from here.


5 Fortnite



PUBG alternative for pc - Fortnite is a pc game, it also came in mobile for some time but then it was removed and at the moment you can play it on your computer.

You might have heard about the Fortnite game, it is a very popular game as well as it is an online multiplayer game.

The concept of this game is like the same as PUBG. 100 players land on the island and then collect their guns and medicines and then serve.

The graphics of this game is quite good, although it is played very less in India, it is a very popular game in outside countries. So we can also call this game Pubg Alternative, Download it from here.


And now we will tell you about a homegrown game which is being developed by an Indian company and is coming soon and the name of this game is FAU-G Game A few days ago, Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar gave information about this game. Were given

Fau-G Game is an Indian company named nCore is developing in which Akshay Kumar is making a huge contribution, this game will be launched in the coming 1 to 2 months and we are hopeful that this game will be more than PUBG Will be popular.

The special thing is that 20% of the earnings from the FAU-G Game will be donated to our Bharat Ke Veer organization which supports the Indian Army.

So we have got information about Pubg Alternative here, you can enjoy all these games only by playing the PUBG game.

If you have any kind of question or suggestion related to this post Pubg Alternative, then definitely come in the comment box below.

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