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In India, every state people are following modern culture so they pick up western food choices whether it's a burger, pizzas, pasta, Or even Chinese food. The worst part is that in India we have made it spicier & even more unhealthy. The young generation is forgetting the importance of healthy food and a healthy lifestyle. It's so ironic that the students know it is important to eat healthy for our body. Healthy food gives us energy & stamina & helps in our growth & immune our bodies from many diseases. 

However, when they step into the real world very few keep that routine intact with them, very few understand the importance of a healthy body. It is a fact that 'health is wealth'. We all must thank God for giving us the human body & hence the ability to do much more activities than other creatures on the earth. We must adopt good habits from the people around us, whether they are eating habits or physical exercises or any other way of making our bodies neither lean nor fatty but just fit. 

We all must understand one more thing that we are going to set an example for the next generation. They will copy us and if we will live an unhealthy lifestyle then we will be creating a bad example in front of them because they will think & say that if our elders can do so why can't we? And no elder will have an answer to this question.

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