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People have been hearing about face serums a lot and are wondering what the hype is all about. These little vials of magic are meant to transform your skin and make them more radiant, youthful, spot-free, and just overall healthy and beautiful. People wonder what is the correct way to use face serum. Also, the correct time to apply it. 


When should people use a face serum?

Most face serums are safe to be applied twice daily – once in the morning on a cleansed face, before the rest of your makeup, and once at night before bed. Some serums are not advised to apply in the sunshine. While some work best in the sunshine. 


How much face serum should be used?

Serums are very potent and have a high concentration of active ingredients, so even a little goes a long way when it comes to face serums. Just apply a thin even layer on the skin will help the serum to penetrate the skin quickly. As a general rule of the thumb, about 2 pumps or a pea-sized amount of the face serum is sufficient. If your serum comes with a dropper, even better!  About 3-4 drops of the face serum are enough to lightly cover your entire face.


How to correctly apply face serum?

Unlike other skincare products like thick face creams and moisturizers that you massage into the skin in an upward direction, serums are meant to be applied to the face in small tapping motions with the fingertips or the palms. Do not rub the skin excessively, let the serum absorb into the skin on its own.  Dab the serum all over the face and neck using small and gentle tapping motions. Wait for a couple of minutes for the serum to completely penetrate the skin before continuing with the skincare regime. 


What is the correct order of using skincare products?

How to apply face serum plays an important role in giving effect on the skin. It is said that the order of applying each skin product must be in such a way that it gives maximum effect. Here is how to use your face serum with a moisturizer, toner, and other skincare products in order -

  1.       Cleanser

  2.       Exfoliator (Optional)

  3.       Toner

  4.       Face serum

  5.       Eye Cream

  6.       Moisturizer (day cream and night cream)

  7.       SPF Cream (in the morning)

  8.       Body lotion


What are the ultimate results the Face serum gives to the skin?

Face serums help shrink pores and increase cell turnover that further leads to the minimization of large pores. They also help unclog and clear dirt and sebum from the pores, thanks to the antioxidants and exfoliating acids present in them. This helps in reducing the formation of blackheads and whiteheads on the skin. Also, some face serums contain Vitamin C which acts as an astringent and tightens visible pores.

The benefits of face serum include more than just that. It basically gives you flawless skin with minimum effort. You don’t want to miss out on effortlessly healthy and impeccable skin, do you? Nobody does. Using a face serum is an important step in your skincare regimen and here are all the reasons why. Here are the 6 Benefits you get after using Face serum in a proper way:-

  1. Hydrates like you had 8 glasses of water

  2. Skin irritation goes like magic.

  3. Zaps oil and reduces breakouts

  4. Works down to the pores

  5. Reduces Blemishes

  6. Gives you younger-looking skin.

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