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health Raw ginger is a treasure house of fitness in winter, know the benefits

Health Benefits of Turmeric Ginger like turmeric is rich in anti-inflammatory properties which cures many diseases. Raw turmeric is beneficial for strengthening the body's immunity. Turmeric is of use for the digestive system.


Turmeric rich in medicinal properties is an important part of our diet. Turmeric not only gives us food to eat, but it also makes our food nutritious. Turmeric is both dry and wet. Wet turmeric means raw turmeric which is many times more effective than dry turmeric. In the winter season, raw turmeric cures sore throat and cold cough. Raw turmeric that looks like ginger is rich in anti-inflammatory properties which cures many diseases. Raw turmeric is also beneficial for strengthening the immunity of the body, these work to strengthen the immunity by increasing white blood cells. Turmeric is used to improve the digestive system and reduce inflammation. The elements found in it are also known to fight cancer, volcano, and volatile oil. Let's know how raw turmeric is useful for us.

  1. Turmeric contains an element called lipopolysaccharide, which strengthens the immune system in the body. Turmeric prevents the problem of bacteria in the body. Turmeric protects the body from fungal infections and its use does not cause fever.
  2. Turmeric is the best treatment for sore throat and cough. Raw turmeric contains anti-inflammatory compounds, which help relieve a sore throat. You can use raw turmeric as a paste. You grind raw turmeric and add half a teaspoon garlic paste and one teaspoon jaggery to it. Heat this mixture slightly before eating. Use it once a day.
  3. The use of raw turmeric keeps cholesterol levels low in the body. Turmeric keeps the body safe from heart diseases by keeping cholesterol in control.
  4. If suffering from sleeplessness, take raw turmeric with milk. You add raw turmeric to milk and boil it before going to bed at night and consume it.
  5. Raw turmeric plays an important role in cleansing the blood. Turmeric is found to have blood purifier or blood purifying properties. You can use this turmeric with milk.

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