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health Vitamin D may help strengthen immunity in combating Covid-19

Experimental testing has not found any evidence that low levels of vitamin D increase the risk associated with Covid-19, but there is certainly an association between sun-derived vitamins and the immune system from disease. Experts have told about this.

Between the outbreak of the epidemic globally and concern over the new type of more contagious coronavirus, experts said getting vitamin D pills or natural methods is not very expensive. Furthermore, when compared to the hazards associated with Covid-19, there is not much risk. Therefore governments should also include this aspect in their strategy to combat the coronavirus.

Professor Afrozul Haque, former dean of the School of Interdisciplinary Science and Technology (SIST) at Jamia Hamdard University in New Delhi, said that the danger associated with the coronavirus includes factors such as age, already suffering from serious diseases but also vitamin D. Staying low levels increases the risk.

An open letter was also written this month by 170 experts, including Professor Afrozul Haque. The letter was posted on the website '', calling for an increase in vitamin D supplements. It said that 'studies have shown that keeping vitamin D levels low increases cases of Covid-19 infection, hospitalization, or death.'

This paper states that more data needs to be collected immediately regarding vitamin D. The evidence so far indicates that increasing vitamin D levels will help prevent infection, reduce the number of patients in hospitals, and reduce the number of deaths.

Vinita Bal, visiting professor at the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Pune, said that vitamin D deficiency has become quite common in people in India. If someone is very deficient in this, then it is recommended to take a dose.

According to Professor Sreejit Mishra, who signed the letter, it is recommended that adults take 4000 international units (IU) or 100 micrograms (mcg) of vitamin D daily. It is found to be less in those who are overweight or in care homes.

However, a review of five studies by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) in the UK concluded that vitamin D levels were not associated with increased risk of Covid-19 or cases of death.

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