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health World Pulses Day 2021: 9 types of lentils and health benefits of eating them

There are many varieties of pulses, such as moong, lentils, urad, tur dal, etc. Very few of these pulses are consumed regularly. By doing this, you are not able to take advantage of the nutrients and benefits arising in these pulses.


There are many varieties of lentils and all of them also have different benefits to the body.

Benefits of pulses: Today (10 February) is 'World Pulses Day 2021'. Every year this day is celebrated all over the world. From this, it can be estimated how the importance of lentils for staying healthy. Every year World Pulse Day is celebrated under a special theme. The theme this time is 'Nutritious Seeds for Sustainable Future'. On this day, people are urged to donate along with consuming lentils and create awareness about the benefits of lentils.


Every Indian consumes pulses with great enthusiasm. Do not eat dal-rice or dal-bhat, so the food seems incomplete. Two-three types of pulses will be found in every Indian kitchen. However, lentils have many varieties and each lentil has its nutritional value and health benefits.


Lentils have the highest protein content. Lentils are the main source of Vegan Protein for vegetarians. The nutrients present in different types of pulses provide many benefits to the body. In such a situation, pulses from children to elders must be eaten. Protein is necessary to keep the eyes of children healthy, so make sure to include it in their diet. For this, you can also cook 4-5 pulses together. Here we are telling you about the nutritional elements of some varieties of lentils and their benefits…


Benefits of chana dal

When the gram dal is prepared by adding a spoon of onion, garlic, tomato, cumin, etc., the enjoyment of eating doubles. The dietary protein content is very high in Chana dal. It also contains minerals like copper, manganese. If you want to avoid diabetes, then definitely take gram dal.


Benefits of Masoor Dal

Masoor dal is pink in color. Its intake also has many benefits for health. People who have complaints of Bile Reflux should also take lentil lentils. Not only this, but it also improves blood flow in the body.


Benefits of Moong Dal 

Moong dal is consumed by many people and it is a diet-friendly dal. It has very low-calorie content and is rich in iron and potassium.


Benefits of Kabuli Dal 

People consume Kabuli Dal very rarely, but you do not know that it is very beneficial like other pulses. If your body is deficient in hemoglobin level, consume this pulse regularly for a few days. It is also rich in iron and folic acid.


Benefits of Urad Dal

Most people make yogurt-big with urad dal on Holi or any special day, but do not consume it regularly. If you do this too, include it in the diet too. Plenty of protein and vitamin B are found in this lentil.


Benefits of Tur Dal

Tur dal is also called arhar dal, which people consume the most. People cook more by mixing it, especially with lentils. This dal is cooked quickly with gram or moong dal. It also tastes better when compared to other pulses. This pulse contains an abundance of complex dietary fiber, which removes the problem of constipation. In such a situation, you will not feel difficulty in having bowel movements in the morning.


Benefits of Green Moong Dal 

This dal is not in pieces but is like a small round two. It has very low calories and the highest calcium content. Moong dal strengthens bones.


Benefits of Lobia Dal

This pulse is also called Black Eyed Peas, which is rich in protein, mineral zinc. Men must eat this pulse because zinc is very important for men's body and sources of zinc are also very less.


Benefits of Soya Dal

You must have consumed many things made from soy. In addition to soy milk, soy chunks, you should also start eating soybean lentils. It contains essential vitamin D, high amount of protein, which is very beneficial for the health of the eyes, bones.


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