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We had started with a vision of becoming a Gold standard of the globally acclaimed Direct selling industry by offering high-quality products of enduring trust while promoting the spirit of free enterprise to bring prosperity and enrich lives. 

And with a mission - To develop a unique range of specially crafted, well-researched products of great utility, safety, and suitability to meet every customer need and offer them at affordable prices with a sustained focus on continuous quality improvement. At the same time, devising the best business plan for the marketing and sale of products through independent distributors under a free enterprise-based business process outsourcing model. While striving to grow with honesty and integrity, Glaze aims to build the capacity, capability, and credibility of the distribution channel, by imparting focused training and education to the business partners and employees to improve their potential.

Through these 18 wonderfully successful years, we managed to sustain our values, which are:-

Positive Attitude

To succeed

Quest for knowledge

To empower self


To stay on course


To weather the challenges


To learn from others


To rise above mediocrity


To lead by example


leverage cooperative genius to synergize & Grow


To take complete responsibility


Hunger for success


To assure excellence


Apart from the business, Glaze had also created the Galway foundation which is the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) wing of Glaze Trading India Pvt. Ltd. one of the leading companies in the direct selling Market. It is built with the vision to contribute to building a society that provides equal opportunities to everyone. Its mandate is to transform people’s lives and promote inclusive progress and development of less privileged communities across the country. 

The foundation has two programs - The self-Empowerment Program (SEP) and Digitalya. the Foundation runs SEP, which helps people acknowledge the strength of their subconscious mind and work towards the realization of their inner potential.

Digitalya aims to impart free of cost training in informatics and computer basics to the people who have no or little knowledge on how to use computers, which will enhance their IT skills. 

Apart from this Glaze introduced many products under divergent categories, like “Galway Nutriflow, Galway Srigunam, Galway Kalkim, Galway Ayusham, Galway Rupabham, and many more”.

During this period, we not only expand our business across the country. But we have also upgraded ourselves. The upgrade involves two part - first is Development plan and other one is Retail plan. We understand one needs to develop the business and to give it stability repurchase and retail is required. Retail plan is well known. Retail plan has many components such as Retail profits, performance bonus, Team management bonus, House fund, Car funds, Etc.We have various Plans for each component individually to help our Clients. 

Glaze Trading Company has become No. 1 Direct Selling company in India. And thats because we have upgraded ourselves for the Direct Selling industry. For that we have made Lots of Plans to help our distributors in increasing the speed, quantity, cheque amount, rank and downline in the profits they have earned so far. 

We celebrated the success of upgrad plan across the country in many cities, like Kanpur, lucknow, Pryagraj, Raipur, Begusarai, Patna, Ranchi, Nagpur and many other. 

In this Monsoon, we also introduced many skincare and Haircare products, Shampoo, Face Cleansers, Body Wash, Coconut oil Etc. We also gave many Organic products to help you in Agriculture field.

We hope to have your support even more in the coming times, So that we continue to set new higher goals & achieve them at the same time.We also available on various social media platforms , such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram and Tweeter to maintain the connectivity with our Clients as well as other people who are interested. 

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