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In India, if we compare all the occupations the one which must be given the most importance and value is of the Farmers. They are the ones who manifest the Food for the Whole country. If they don’t do their business for even a single day. The whole country will suffer. The Late Subhash Chandra Bose once told “Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan”, the reason behind saying this was that the farmers are as important as soldiers of our country. One sacrifices their lives for the country and the other is the prime source of our food, which is the basic necessity for one’s survival. Also makes them so special and important to everyone else.

If we think deeply there are many other people who are associated with the Farmers and earn their bread and butter from that only. The people who are connected are - Wholesalers, people who run vegetable markets, retailers, and even the vegetable sellers who work on a small scale and run small shops in the cities. Even the rest of the population is dependant on these people only. The whole country looks at the Farmers for their survival. As food is the basic necessity of any person. So, this is the only occupation whose supplement is not at all possible. This makes them even more important as they don’t have any second option.

Farmers are the real gems of our country. There are different types of farmers. And they all have equal significance. First are the farmers who grow a crop like wheat, barley, rice, etc. Since the maximum intake in the Indian houses is of wheat and rice. So, the cultivation of wheat and rice is much in farming. Moreover, farmers who grow these crops are of prime importance. Second, are the ones who cultivate fruits. These farmers have to prepare the soil for different types of fruits. Because these fruits grow according to the season. Therefore the farmers need to have a great knowledge of fruits and crops. There are many other farmers who grow different types. Furthermore, they all have to work very hard to get maximum harvesting.

In addition to the farmers contribute almost 17% of the Indian economy. That is the maximum of all. But still, a farmer is deprived of every luxury of society.


Conditions of farmers in India

The condition of farmers in India is critical. We are hearing suicide news of farmers every week or month. Moreover, farmers are all living a difficult life from past years. The problem is they are not getting enough pay. Since the middlemen get most of the money, so a farmer gets nothing in hand. Moreover, farmers are not having money to send their kids to school. Sometimes the situation gets so worse that they are not even having proper food. Thus farmers go into famine. As a result, they attempt suicide.

Furthermore, the other reason for the worst condition of farmers is Global warming. Since Global Warming is hampering our planet in every way, it affects our farmers too. Because of global warming, there is a delay in season. As different crops have their own season to ripe, they are not getting nourishment. Crops need proper sunlight and rain to grow. So if the crops are not getting it they get destroyed. This is one of the main reasons why farms are getting destroyed. As a result, farmers commit suicide.

At last, farming is a profession with hard labor and effort. Moreover seeing the growing population of our country we should take initiatives to help farmers of our country. We must take steps to facilitate them, such as producing necessary types of equipment for their use and other organic products, such as fertilizers, manures Etc.

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