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Hello guys! First of all, the title is in Hindi because I believe that we Indians pretend to be very modern & support western culture in every sense but as far as understanding is concerned & especially in the new generation, our favorite language to communicate & express our thoughts is & will always be Hindi. 

Anyways, well I am a Delhiite, and when I look around in the monuments of Delhi such as 'Purana-Quila, 'Qutub -Minar, 'Humayun tomb',' Firoz shah Kotla, Tughlakabad Quila, etc. A new generation does not know these monuments & their history, what was their purpose & what they symbolize. Young couples meet at different places, they take a tour, as if they are in a hanging garden, exchange love with each other, sometimes write their names on the walls as a loving gesture. But they forgot the history of India and also that Delhi has been the center of India, as it is the capital And hence will always remain the most significant place for everybody in every which way. Whether it is political, financial, social, or historical issues. 

To maintain better decorum in our society nowadays the police have been a little strict in this matter. They search all the places from time to time along with local authorities such as guards & their staff to look that nothing wrong happens. It has been seen that many crimes such as gang rapes have happened in the same situations. So for security purposes also, it is important to stop such activities. 

The youth of our country has completely ruined the social atmosphere with their behaviors. They forget that there are other people such as kids & elders also in the society. They have been so indulged in their lives and their preferences that they have forgotten our culture. I think somewhere the major reason is that they don't get the support from their parents the way they should be. The generation gap is increasing day by day. And both are blaming one another for that. I remember when we were teenagers, we used to watch youth channels & their shows like roadies, etc. & our mother used to watch it along with us. And, now she is not with us but now I understand that that was her gesture to be with us, to show us that she's like us. Which was so good for our relationship. 

And, I am not saying that all parents are tough, some are also. But there should be a proper balance. Parents should understand the importance of discipline & as well as frank behavior towards their children. so that young kids feel free to share their every feeling with their parents. In this way, parents will be able to guide their kids in a better way which may help in maintaining better decorum in our society.

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