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Rape -  feel scared to hear this word? Yeah! Me too


From the ancient time, the access of women in various facilities of life has been restricted because, people think that the more women go out the more rape will happen. Do you also think this? As women need protection, they have to be in house and lead their life with highly restricted rules. Somehow , it's true by seeing the current situation every girl is going through but however, The fact is restriction could not protect them from being sexually harassed or rape. Going out alone or staying at home cannot prevent rape because rape can happen even if a women go out with any known person, or staying at home.

Firstly, women’s moving alone openly can not prevent rape because most of the time the rapist is known to victim and usually rape happens at private places. In many rape case it is reported that the victim is raped in her own house by a person which is known to her. Rape and sexual harassment are some causes that why women are afraid to walk alone in the dark or go for a run in the park by themselves. Men take advantage of their power over women by placing them in a state of fear, which makes it difficult for a woman to fight back. As a result, there are many rape and sexual harassment cases that are not reported because women are not ready to fight back because of their so called family reputation or all these illogical stuffs. Rape and sexual harassment are very personal to women so speaking up about violence would be challenging. Living in fear will not defend your body. If roles were reversed and men where being raped, I wonder if actions would be changed?

When women are raped they are always faulted. The brave individuals who decide to speak out about abuse and the horrifying experience. “She should not be walking out alone at night;  she should not live alone…she should not dress in such a way as to “invite” rape” . Do you really think that short dresses and skirts are invitation for them, even the girl wearing full sweater and pants like covering their whole body with their clothes are being raped. So, still you think that by wearing clothes will give them such an invitation.

Women should be treated with equality . Therefore, all rape cases should be handled with the same intensions . It should not be the government who have the  right to decide whether or not one rape is better than the other. They should not have to live in fear of being attacked or abused by a man. But what women can do is prepare themselves for the worst. Learning how to protect themselves and speaking out the actions that will only increase the number of rapists being punished for their horrible crimes. It would take a lot of work and dedication but within time women will be able to stand up againts the rapist and can walk alone without any fear at night.

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