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Valentine's Week Calendar 2021: The week of Valentine's Day begins on 7 February 2021. Maybe you find someone who not only wishes you every day of the week but also celebrates with you. Let's say, Valentine's Day Week runs from 7 February to 14 February, which is very special for lovers every day. To know the complete schedule from the history of Valentine.


How did Valentine's Day begin?

It circa 270 AD. is. At that time there was a man named Claudius Gothicus II in the Roman Empire. It is believed that he was a strong opponent of love affairs and marriage. Indeed, he believed that by love or marriage, soldiers forget the target and lose the war. So he stopped the soldiers from getting married. But in the same state, there was a Catholic saint named Valentine who opposed this order. Claudius killed Saint Valentine. It is believed to be the date of 14 February, the day Saint Valentine sacrificed. Since then, this day has been celebrated as Valentine's Day.


7th February - Rose Day

Start the first day of love with a beautiful rose. Yes, Valentine's Day is the first day of Rose Day. On this day you can give roses to whomever you want.


8th February - Propose Day

Now think what… If you are saying the day, please talk to your heart. If said, 8 February is the day to propose someone.

9th February  - Chocolate Day

Let's have something sweet… Yes, this is the day to give chocolate to your partner. So that love begins with sweet memories.


10th February - Teddy Day

This day is known as Teddy Day. So, are you giving cute date gifts to someone or not?

11th February - Promise Day

Promise your partner on this day. A promise can always be accompanied!


12th February - Hug Day

The sixth day is the day of a hug. By the way, there is no day to embrace. But the name of the day is Hug Day, it is made to be a hug.


13th February - Kiss Day

Kiss Day is celebrated one day before Valentine's Day. So which day are you on?


14th February - Valentine's Day

Say something on this day If you say I love you….

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