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19th November is international Men's day. How many of us know it? The answer is only some people knows (only men). It's just  an imperfect issue that women’s day is so famous than men’s day? I am not taking any gender’s side, but this is worth thinking, right?? Because most people consider it as a joke. No, it's not a joke, it’s about the men who feel lonely, abandoned and forgotten. It’s about the ones who have no hope, and who are staring at the cliff edge.It’s about support for all those who are lost, alone and scared and yet feel they cannot talk to anyone because THEY ARE MEN goddamn it and men don’t talk about their feelings.


There are speeches, seminars and all sorts of celebrations which are dedicated to women, but do we ever here such meetings regarding men?  Just as women need respect, men also need it. Everyone needs it. Right? I am not a male oriented person, but a person who expects


equality everywhere.Until and unless we in our minds make a balanced viewpoint, it is hard to achieve the equality.So if International Women’s Day is a day to remind you that women are people  by celebrating the their achievements then International Men’s Day is a day to remind you that men are people too by reminding you they are just as fragile, and just as in need of help as the next person.


Now, if anyone gets offended by what I answered with, please bear in mind that I am merely answering a question with my own opinions. Neither masculinism nor feminism is good for me. In the end, it is just equality that we want, right?


According to me, society needs to celebrate men’s day as a mark of honour and gratitude for all the sacrifices and contributions of men towards society and the problems that men face in life and which mostly go unaddressed.Our men die for the sake of safeguarding the borders and in turn, they got male hatred. We say, it’s his duty. Why so? Why is it only a man’s duty to earn


money? When a man dies, society is more worried about what will happen to his dependants, but when a woman dies, society feels, a part of it died.


We need to celebrate men’s day so that we can get one day to talk about these issues, and bring a change in social mindset towards men.


There can be a thousand more reason to celebrate men’s day not because men are simply awesome, but because they are just men.

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