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The Christmas festival is celebrated all over the world on 25 December as the birthday of Jesus Christ. Many interesting stories are recorded in history to celebrate this day. Learn about Christmas and related stories.



  1. Jesus was born on 25 December,
  2. the first Christmas tree was decorated in 1510.
  3. The custom is to give gifts to your loved ones on 25 December.


Christmas is a festival when the whole family, friends, relatives are together and have lots of fun. Children are very excited about their gifts, which they are going to get from Santa Claus. The role of Santa Claus is important in the Christmas festival. There are many inspiring stories behind celebrating Christmas and the name Christmas.

One of them is the Eucharist where Jesus died but was revived for his people. This festival is celebrated after the sun sets and before the new dawn. It is here that Christmas is named.


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How did the celebration of Christmas begin?

The festival was first celebrated in 336 AD on 25 December by a Roman ruler of the Christian religion. He was the first Christian king of the Roman Empire. Many years after this, Pope Julius | Had announced that December 25 would be celebrated as Jesus' birthday.

There are many such stories recorded in history which emphasizes that the Christmas festival is celebrated on 25th December. The story is famous in Christianity that Mary, the mother of Jesus, knew beforehand that she was about to give birth to a miraculous child. She announced on 25 March that a wonderful child would be born from her womb and the day was celebrated. Exactly 9 months after 25 March, 25 December comes the day Jesus was born. Worldwide, 25 March is also celebrated with great reverence. Jesus is believed to have died on this day.

Winter Solstice is also celebrated on 25th December, the day when the morning is shortest and night is longest. From this day onwards, the night starts getting shorter and the day gets bigger. Not only this, Saturnalia and Dies Natalis Solis Invicti, the early pagan Roman festivals, is also celebrated on 25 December.


How did the Christmas tree begin?

The Christians had associated the Christmas festival with Saturnalia and introduced Roman pagans to the public after which the people of the Asheira community and its affiliates were commanded to worship the Christmas tree from the church. Pagans have been worshiping the Christmas tree for years, they grow these trees in their home and decorate them on this special day. Like him, people of the Christian religion also adopted this practice.

Know an interesting thing, the first Christmas tree was decorated in 1510 in Riga, Latvia. The first Christmas tree in Germany was decorated with apples, gingerbread, wafers, and sweets. Do you know that in every country, different types of trees are decorated as Christmas trees? For example, in New Zealand, a tree named Pohutakawa is decorated as a Christmas tree with red flowers.

The first artificial Christmas tree was built in Germany in the 19s. Nowadays there are many artificial Christmas trees in the market which are made from PVC. Artificial Christmas tree is also made in China. You should know that the real Christmas tree removes the dirt and pollen present in the air.


How is the Christmas festival celebrated?

Christmas festival brings happiness in the life of people. On this day people truly remember Jesus and go to church. On Christmas day people do many religious things, decorate their homes, give gifts to their loved ones. There is joy everywhere at the Christmas festival and children are excited to get gifts from Santa Claus. Churches around the world are decorated on 25 December. People share happiness among themselves by making cakes, sweets, and special dishes and celebrate this day with their loved ones.

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