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quotes Every woman wants to be an independent and strong
quotes Accept yourself as you are ,even when others don't

" What other personalities think of me is none of my business ."

" You're shy ", " you're talkative", " you're fat", "you're ugly", " ahh ! Just look at yourself ", "You're

dumb " .......

These types of comments are like it have plagued my life. I don't remember how many moments I've been

told that I need not take these comments personally ... I just have to accept myself as I am.

But I was not ready to accept this or somehow I was afraid to be myself.


" We should admit ourself as we are "

Acceptance is the ability to unconditionally value all parts of who you are, that means you have

to value and love the good and bad things in you. Usually, for most of us, self-acceptance can

be hard. We tend to be judgmental of ourselves, but there are a number of steps to learn to accept

yourself as well as your life too. It all starts with your state of mind.


" Should have that spirit to face the reality "

Sometimes challenging reality isn't the simplest thing to do, but accepting your current situation and

facing the challenges can make you happier in the present and lead to a better future. To accept

your presence, it is important to know what you may have done to foster achievement or failure. Once

you know what you are dealing with, you can work towards the best. Understanding, accepting, and facing the reality will help you to build up self-confidence. You need not worry about what

others think of you, just stand in your way and

believe in yourself. It's easy to look at the mirror and point out all your insecurities. But to face your

reality, it's best to start counting all the positive things you're

good at. Just make a list of your strengths, the things you're good at, the values that you hold,

the accomplishments you've achieved. Counting on your competences will help you to realize

your all strengths which will turn to improve your attitude


towards yourself.

So, believe in yourself and you"ll fly high. Just remember that you're beautiful in your own way

and have that courage to face the world's reality, it doesn't matter what people will say or think

about only matters how true you are.


You"ll shine one day...the one who

disgraces you will praise you.

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