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quotes Gender preference does not define you. Your spirit defines you.

We have been living in a society where a lot of prejudices still exist. The transgender community faces tremendous bias, despite all efforts by its advocates. If you will ask people about transgender then most of them will answer that they have seen them begging mear traffic signals and inside trains. Some will start complaining about their "bad" behavior.

This is the harsh reality of every transgender in our country but the fact is that we don't even realize or can say we often ignore that directly or indirectly, we, as a society, are responsible for their condition. Being disowned by their own families, friends, relatives and harsh behavior from other people by our society lead to their so-called "bad" behavior. Lack of access to education facilities, lack of self-esteem, lack of self-confidence, and nonavailability of jobs often force them to beg and prostitution. 

But still, some transgender persons are brave enough to make their way to achieve their desired goals and prove that they are also capable and have that ability to achieve their aims just like us also, they deserve respect as other people get this break that stereotype from your mind. It takes a lot of time for transgender people to understand what they can do and what they are. Many of them are depressed because of the harsh reality of our society. But still, they are trying their best to achieve their goals in their life even they are surrounded by people who harass them and make their life even more difficult. I am not saying that all people are like this but yes some are there who understands them and are polite enough towards them but never do anything helpful for them. This ignorance and lack of understanding about transgender should be removed as soon as possible by spreading awareness and giving proper education as well as proper job facilities to trans gender people and along with law protecting them from any kind of harassment. It was only in April 2014 when trans people got legal recognition by the Supreme Court, but still, there is a lot of work to be done in terms of social recognition, equality, dignity, and social awareness. 


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Moving further, let’s have a look at some of the common prejudices and myths popular in India regarding the transgender community, which directly or indirectly affect transgender people in a very negative way.


1. Every Transgender Person Is A Hijra

Those who are ignorant and insensitive often use Hijra as a derogatory term to abuse transgender individuals, what most people in India don’t realize is that the hijra community is a socio-cultural community comprising of transgender people who may belong to India. They have their own set of rules and customs, and only a transgender person who accepts to become a part of this community can only be called a Hijra. Thus, every transgender person is not a Hijra.


2. Being The Parent Of A Transgender Child Is Shameful.

This is one of the most common myths present in our society because of which people disown their child and let them suffer alone in this world – it’s heartbreaking!

 Parents who see their children through the eyes of society often don’t realize that to be progressive, a society needs necessary changes which are to be made with time as we learn new things. It is our responsibility to make it better. 

The views of society towards an individual, a group, or a community start from us, because we are a part of this society and if we change our mindsets and become rational and understanding, sooner or later, the mindset of society as a whole becomes more rational and progressive.


3. Trans People Are Incapable Of Doing Significant Jobs

Many trans people have been successful in breaking the prejudice surrounding them, in several parts of India, people still believe in stereotypes and refuse to give jobs to trans people. Proper education and skills should be imparted to trans people so that they can become a productive workforce. Many trans people drop out of school/college because they suffer bullying and harassment. There is not only ignorance among students, but teachers as well. This can only be solved by awareness regarding transgender issues.

So, my purpose in writing this is to realize everyone that also needs one chance to prove themselves and deserves that respect in society. Don't treat them badly or harass them as they are also a part of our community. I hope this will change your mindset and will break your stereotype towards trans people.

 “I dare to dream of a world where people can dress, speak, and behave how they want, free from judgment, harassment, and danger. This is what I want. Who’s with me?”

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