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quotes Responsibility Either God Gifted or Accidental

The mostly “RIGHT” hand of a human body responds faster for any activity as compared to the left hand. The Left-hand responds when either the person is “Lefty” or his/her right hand is not working. The reason is taking responsibility comes naturally or accidentally. For example in some families, the elder one is most responsible, but in some, the younger one behaves responsibly.

So, it depends on person, situations, circumstances & many more. Some people become responsible with time.

In my opinion, if a person behaves maturely, knows how to balance communication & give space and most importantly to react in any situation irrespective of age or relation. A spontaneous reaction is a human behavior and nobody can know how well a particular person will react in the same situation. Sometimes we let go of big things & react violently to small issues. Human behavior is very unpredictable, & even the great psychiatrist can only assume it on the basis of their experience & human studies.

There is also a fact related to Human Behaviour, which is the basic nature of the person doesn’t change no matter how much effort you put to change it. The basic characteristic remains the same. So, what you can do in this matter is just to separate your ways to maintain peace in the environment also in ones’ mind.

In this world, you can’t change everyone’s perspective in other words, can’t force anyone to have the same perspective as yours’.But one thing that is in your hand, is your reaction, your emotion & what that particular thing is affecting you, i.e., your own senses. So, if we see the larger picture, everything is in our hands only. As nothing can affect you but you. As far as taking responsibility is concerned it is an utter fortune to have one or more responsible person/s around you.

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