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quotes Who needs a superhero when you have an amazing brother to support you always

Yes..this is all about my brother who always supports me and motivates me to do things. Apart from parents, a brother is the best person to ensure the safety of a girl. Some people do not recognize the value of having a brother unless someone makes them realize it.


Though his earlier time was quite hard, he has never given up on anything. He can be good or bad at the situation, but he is always honest and will try to do his best. He prevents me from the bad company and helps me to identify what is right or what is wrong for me. He assists me to find out the real intentions of the people around me. He is my inspiration because I don't see any reason not to admire my brother for all that he has done and will do. He has shown me that having a real personality,  and not hiding it, will get you a long way. He taught me that being weird and unique is a good thing and if someone else can't see that, they aren't worth the time. I wanted to do and like everything he did. After steering me in the right direction for my entire life, I can easily trust his judgment about anything. He knows small things like which mobile phone I should buy or which book I should read. He always tells me in which situations I should fight for and which to walk away from. My brother has a way of solving problems which I admire, and the reason for this is that he makes problems seem so simple to solve. Also, he has taught me that even though it’s good to fight for what I want that I have to know when it’s time to give up because there is a difference between my wants and my needs and sometimes we want things that we don’t need and that can affect me because I might just be fighting for the wrong. He is the one who has supported me, cheered me on and given me advice, and has simply been there for my entire life. He is always the first person I seek whenever I need any help with any problem come across. I cherish my brother greatly because he has taught me many things in life as well as lessons, all of which I have come to realize that I have used. He is guiding me to the right road, making sure I do not fall a victim to any bad intentions, making sure I always try my best in everything, and making sure I always strive for the better things in life.


So, the purpose of writing this is that my brother has prominently impacted my life as well as I had described how he helped me and always supported me in every steps of my entire life. And yes, who needs a superhero when I have my brother as a real hero of my life.

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