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technology Searched on Google 'Is Google down?'

Services like Gmail, YouTube, and cloud search, keep, task, vice, sheets, slides, groups, hangouts, chat, volt, the current was also disrupted due to Google's 45-minute collapse.


Resulting 592 crores answers trend on number one on social media

Many complained about it on social media, many even made fun of it. A large number of people searched on Google whether Google is down, resulting in 592 million replies. On Twitter, over one lakh people got the number one trend by writing the hashtag Google Down in 1 hour.


Google hid failure in terms like patience, credibility, gratitude

While apologizing to the user, Google said that this happened due to an 'Authentication System outage'. To maintain patience, Google thanked the users and said that the reliability of the system is paramount. He is constantly improving his system.


Hegemony result

In the midst of an epidemic, education is dependent on the system of tech companies ranging from medicine to business. In such a situation, the disruption of Google is a warning bell. According to experts, Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple did not allow any other company to flourish. The result is that today, there is no other way for the citizens to come out of their system. All work comes to a standstill as the failure of one company disrupts the entire system.


What is a system outage?

An outage in the service of a tech company means interrupting the sending or storage of data from one place to another. According to experts, this used to happen in internet tech companies till a decade ago but not now. Especially big companies like Google and Facebook have built such a network of data centers everywhere in the world that there should not be an outage. Even then it is very worrying.


Major Platform Impact



850 million emails could not be sent

180 crore total active users send an average of 30.60 thousand crore emails daily in 2020. About 850 crore emails could not be sent in 40 minutes. Although according to Google, users open 19 percent of emails on average, most mail is spam or promotions.



209 million active users impacted

500 hours of content is being uploaded every minute, so 20 thousand hours of content could not be uploaded in 40 minutes. At the same time, there are 209 million active users on YouTube, almost half of them could not watch the videos. In the last quarter, he had earned Rs 28,000 per minute, ie a loss of about 11.20 lakhs in 40 minutes.

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